Kerala Backwaters

What is the most unforgettable experience when you visit kerala? . Definitely it’s the Backwaters of Kerala.

In kerala you have backwaters in many places like Trivandrum,kollam etc. but in Alleppey you find the labyrinth of the densest network of lakes, lagoons, canals and rivers that is unparallel in the world. Indeed a lot of people like to call Alleppey (official name Alappuzha) as the Venice of India.

Backwaters is one of the major tourism product of Kerala, being unique to the state. Traditionally used as one of the main transportation alleys, today backwaters offer a rejuvenating experience for tourists visiting Kerala.

In Alleppey  there is water ways everywhere of all sizes, people have adapted to the same just like fish to water.people so much adapted to a life of using canals and boats in their day to day life as in backwaters of Kerala, which is also the home of famous snake boat race.

In Alleppey villages situated on both side of the internal canals.It was a very interesting experience to watch the day to day life in the backwaters of Kerala. Most of the internal canals are not very wide and only small boats can go into them, leaving the bigger houseboats only on the main water ways. As it is difficult to reach these small villages quickly by road transport, people use boats to carry their produce to the main canals, from where trucks come and carry the rice to the wholesaler. This is not only cost effective but also quicker.

One of the most interesting aspects of backwaters is complete harmony with which the local communities, tourism and nature coexist and respect each other. Most of the houseboats and hotels in the area employ only locals, generating employment for the community and it keeps everybody happy.

Just like we have our kids going to school in bus in Alleppey kids go to school in School Boat. the most interesting character found in the backwaters of Alleppey was this duck farmer who was taking his herd probably for a swim in the backwaters. Hundreds of ducks were swimming peacefully in front of him as he managed the herd single handedly. This must be the daily routine as when a turn came in the canals the ducks took the right canal without the duck herd telling them.  It was sight to watch hundreds of ducks swimming and going as a group with one lone man in a small canoe following them.

You cant experience the real beauty of kerala without visiting the Backwaters in Alleppey because after visiting backwaters of kerala when you heard the word “kerala”the first thing comes to your mind should be memories of your backwater experiences.

Best time to visit Alleppey and Kumarakom : As Alleppey is in Kerala, the weather is really good through out the year. Its recommended during August when the annual Nehru Snake boat race is held. Otherwise anytime from August to April is good to visit.


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